The research project C~ART consisted of workshops, 
called Kunst~werk~statt or Klima~taten~drang.

The workshops were interdisciplinary spaces in which scientists and artists with an interest in climate change topics met. Climate and art – touching and being touched by art interventions in the context of climate change (C~ART). Transformation and social paradigm shift are influenced by art and culture. Climate change is not only a challenge for science, but also a cultural phenomenon, since mankind is a major cause of climate change. In addition to sound reasoning, however, it is necessary to reach out to people on a different level, to touch them: On an emotional level, where moods and feelings are allowed. This is the field of culture. The project C~ART is dedicated to this connection, of science and art, in the context of climate change and especially of adaptation to it. C~ART was a cooperation between the University of Salzburg and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

KlimaTatenDrang interviews

Interviews with Hermann J. Hack, Helga Kromp-Kolb, Peter Sellars,
Victoria Vesna, Fritjof Capra, Michael Staudinger

The online exhibition showed a wide variety of work positions relating to the connection between “Corona and Climate Change”, the videos of the talks of the artist are available on the YouTube Channel of PIXELvienna.


Stefan Kienberger, Martina R. Fröschl, Hermann J. Hack